2022 MS113 Summer Intermediate Debate / Public Speaking( G7-9)

Sunday from 7:30-9:00PM (06/19/2021-8/28/2022, No class on 07/03)

Class Overview 
In this class, students will receive targeted teaching, training, and practice on speaking and debate. This class is designed as a successor to “Introduction to Debate” and “Intermediate Debate,” so students are encouraged to have a basic familiarity with debate vocabulary, structure, and technique. If you haven’t taken these classes- don’t worry. We’ll spend the first few weeks reviewing content on speech structure, debate terms, and argument skill to ensure we’re all ready to go! This course will place a heavy emphasis on practicing and developing core presentation skills, including logical analysis and validity, clear argument structure, and confident/persuasive communication. For the duration of the semester, we’ll be learning components of credible speaking, running practices that aim at developing highly effective speeches, and engaging in frequent practice debates.

 This course will be participation heavy. Because it is the successor to the intro class, the course structure is unapologetic in requiring students to push their comfort zones and participate adequately. In turn, I will do my absolute best to foster a class environment that is safe and comfortable for students to engage in.

MS113 Intermediate Debate and Speaking Syllabus
https://diyi.s3.amazonaws.com/MS113 Intermediate Debate and Speaking Syllabus.docx--3f20febb-cdc2-4727-8618-151fda045495

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