2021 MS104 Fall Saturday Evening Class

Saturday 7:00PM-8:30PM (Start time: 09/25/2021 End time: 12/18/2021) (No Class on 11/27)

 4th  Grade: MS104
In this course, students will focus on cultivating creative and academic writing skills. The first half of the semester will focus on general, basic creative writing skills like conflict creation, character building, and setting development. Students will have the chance to write several original creative pieces, but accompanying grammar lessons will provide an academic focus. Then, in the second half of the semester, students will focus on academic writing including literary analysis and journalism.  Finally, this course will also include 5 books of different genres, including fantasy, mystery, realistic fiction, coming-of-age, and historical fiction. This varied reading list will not only challenge and engage students, but also present an opportunity to discuss a variety of character types, conflicts, etc. All course readings are united by a similar theme (conflict resolution) to provide structure for students throughout the semester and to facilitate discussion surrounding text-to-text comparisons. 

Book List 

Fall Extra Reading: 

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