2023 HS207: Writing for Competition and Publication

Sunday 4:00-5:30PM (2/26/2023-5/21/2023) , No class on 04/23

4:00-5:00: Lecture   / 5:00-5:30 Private editing
Mentors: TBD:  Mentors are teachers who won various writing competitions at the national level.  Mentors will review students' final work before submission.

Course Objectives 
How does one truly learn to write? This course will teach students poetry and prose (Flash fiction, Short Story, etc.) through intensive classes focused on developing figurative language, structure and form, and symbols and themes. Students will also learn to tailor their writing to specific competitions and publications while maintaining their creative voice and individuality. Finally, students will develop a creative writing portfolio that can be submitted to competitions and programs. 

We’re looking for passionate students willing to devote their time to honing their writing abilities through lessons, workshops, and critiques. 

  1. Participation = 20%
  2. Homework = 30%
  3. Writing Portfolio 4-5 pieces = 50%
    1. Students will choose themes, motifs, and distinct concepts to explore, explaining these in a 100-word description. Then, they will build a writing portfolio of poetry and prose based on the concepts and ideas addressed in their artist’s statement. Part of this grade will also be submitting one or more of their pieces to a literary journal, writing competition, or creative writing program. 

Course Materials

Selected Readings/Book List 
  1. Night Sky With Exit Wounds, Ocean Vuong 
  2. Call us What We Carry, Amanda Gorman
  3. Lord of the Flies, William Goulding 
  4. Selected readings from Scholastic, Youngarts, Foyle, and Bennington competitions
  5. Selected readings from Adroit Journal, Frontier Poetry, Sin Theta Magazine, SOFTBLOW, New Yorker, New York Times, etc. 

Course Overview

Lesson 1: Poetry I
Lesson 2: Prose I
Lesson 3: Reading to Write & Building Your Author’s Identity 
Lesson 4: Figurative language
Lesson 5: Structure and Form 
Lesson 6: Poetry Intensive 
Lesson 7: Prose Intensive 
Lesson 8: Competitions & Publications 
Lesson 9: Brainstorming & Idea Development 
Lesson 10: Workshopping 
Lesson 11: Revision 
Lesson 12: Share final writing portfolio; prepare submissions. 

Pre-Questionnaire: answer each question in 2-3 sentences. 
  1. What is your name, age, grade, and school? 
  2. Why would you like to attend this class? What is your goal for the course? 
  3. How do you feel about creative writing, and why?
  4. List some of your writing accomplishments, awards, etc. (if you don't have any, that's ok too!), and attach 1-2 writing samples of your poetry and prose writing. Do NOT submit your journalistic or academic pieces. 

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