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Joanna Liu

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Joanna Liu is a senior at Lexington High School and a dedicated writer empowering students through writing and publishing. She is a National Scholastic Medalist in writing and the 1st place winner of Bennington’s Young Writers Awards in Creative Nonfiction. She attended some of the nation’s top writing programs, such as the Iowa Young Writers Studio, Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop, and the Adroit Summer Mentorship Program.

Joanna has a strong background in academics as well. She was named the 2024 National Merit finalist, received 36/36 in ACT, and scored 5 in AP English & AP Literature. She authored 15+ Recognized/Accepted/published works at The New York Times, Bennington College (.1%), Copper Nickel (0.5%), Ninth Letter (1%), National Poetry Quarterly, Young Poets Network, and more. Currently, Joanna edits multiple literary journals and seeks to engage young authors through her nonprofit, Weebond Academy.

Joanna’s passion for writing led her to provide others the same outlet, mentor younger writers, and help them find their voices. She taught 16 courses at Diyi while developing extensive training in essay editing and curriculum designing. She mentored students to win awards at YoungArts, the New York Times Writing Contest, Scholastic, and more. In her free time, She likes to sing, dance, draw, and chase chickens.

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