2022 MS103 Spring Friday Class

Friday 7:00PM-8:30PM (Start time: 02/4/2022 End time: 05/06/2022)- No Class on 03/11 and 04/22

3rd Grade: MS103
Course Overview: 
This course emphasizes the theme of reading culture and history through literature. This theme takes inspiration from the “zoom in” and “zoom-out” principle often taught in upper-level writing (wherein “zoom in” is a careful analysis of literature and assigned texts and then a “zoom out,” is an analysis of how the text comments on broader societal trends). Thus, this intro-level course is designed to be the first step to prepare students for more advanced thinking. Students will be studying three modules: (1) Culture, History, & Art in Literature  (2) Myth & Fantasy in Literature (3) Humor in Literature. Each module will be split into two focuses: creative, where students will be encouraged to come up with their own ideas, characters, and plots, and analytical, where students will be asked to make logical arguments and analyses regarding assigned texts and prompts. At the end of the course, students will have a portfolio of one creative short story, one analytical essay, and one humorous or satirical piece, each of which will be presented to the class. . Additionally, accompanying grammar lessons and basic writing skills (ex. Formal writing, character creation, creation of outlines, logical thinking, etc.) through in-class activities, quizzes, and video lectures intended to be watched before class will ground the course. As a side note, video lectures are not intended to substitute lectures. Rather, they are intended so students will learn the material with repetition. Office hours will be provided during break weeks, before major assignments are due, as well as by appointment. In preparation for this course, there is a pre-class assignment!!

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