2023 LHS Summer HS208 Earth Science Prep Class (For Lexington High School Rising Freshman)

Tuesday from 7:00-9:00PM (06/27-08/29)

 Class Outline:
This course is designed to follow the Honors Environmental Earth Science course found at
Lexington High School, covering topics from astronomy to hydrology, meteorology, and ecology.
This course will be split into 5 roughly biweekly units, each with a take home quiz at the end of
each unit, finishing with a cumulative exam. Each quiz will have a section of multiple choice,
along with a couple of open response questions. This course is designed to simulate the high
course load and complex concepts introduced throughout the year. Supplementary materials
will be handed out, but not required to do well in the course, but to further peak the interests of
the students and to gain a more deep understanding of each concept. Students are expected to
not only have a basic handling of the information behind each topic, but to be able to synthesize
new ideas and concepts in unfamiliar conditions through fundamental principles.
Resource List:
Primary Resources: (Not required but nice to have)
Earth Science, 9th Edition, Tarbuck and Lutgens
Enter ISBN: 0-13-050985-X
Author: arbuck and Lutgens
Title: Earth Science

Fundamental Astronomy , Seeds and Blackman

Teacher:  Daniel Zhang

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