2022 HS213 Friday SAT English

Friday 7:30-9:30 PM 06/24-8/26/2022 No Break

 Course description and expectations:
  1. In the first 5 weeks of this course, students will systematically review grammatical knowledge and learn effective test strategies essential to the SAT English examination. We will focus on preparing students for the Grammar section. We will go over the most frequently tested grammatical rules and approaches to tackle different types of test questions. We will also guide students through applying these rules and test strategies on real tests. 
  2. In sessions 6-10, we will focus on the reading section of the SAT test. Students will learn effective reading test strategies and apply them in real test situations.
To achieve these goals in such a short time frame, we expect students to be highly self-motivated and able to complete homework assignments on time.
Teaching methods: We will combine a variety of teaching methods, including classroom teaching via zoom, group discussion, and homework assignments. 

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