2022 Spring MS115-1 Algebra II Class

Wednesday 7:30-9:00PM (Start date: 1/26/2022, End date: 4/27/2022) NO Class on 02/23 and 04/20

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Algebra II Spring Session 
Wednesday 7:30-9 pm ÔľąEST)
This class will provide in-depth training for students who wish to expand the concepts from the introduction of algebra to advanced algebra functions. Students will improve mathematical skills through extensive practicing and real-life problem-solving.
PrerequisiteÔľö Introduction to Algebra and Geometry
Recommended Books:
Algebra and Trigonometry Ron Larson Robert Hostetler
Week 1           Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
week 2            Introduction to Trigonometry 
Week 2            Trigonometric graph 
Week 3            Trigonometric identities and solving trigonometric equations
Week 4            Exam Week    
Week 5            Law of sine and law of Cosine
Week 6            Vectors and complex number in vectors
Week 7            System of equations and inequalities 
Week 8           Matrices 
Week 9            Exam Week
Week 10         Sequence & Series
Week 11         Final Review
Week 12         Exam Week    

Instructor       Dr.  Jing Zhou

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