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Diyi Boston

Founded on January 19, 2013 in Massachusetts, Diyi Holdings Company (DBA: Diyi Education) is a private educational company dedicated to providing excellent academic support to students grades 3-12. Our committed teachers assist struggling students, advanced learners, and everyone in-between to achieve and surpass their educational goals.

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Diyi is committed to helping students gain admission to top private middle and high schools, as well as colleges and graduate schools. Through educational planning and consultations Diyi guides students during the entire application process.

Diyi also offers extensive courses (both small group and private lessons) which follow individualized curriculum developed by our team. In addition, our enthusiastic teaching assistants lend one-on-one support to supplement classroom learning.

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January 11


 一、 低年级课程(3-6年级)   (进入网站选择 "Our team")

A.  3年级阅读写作班 MS104:   周六下午及晚上(1/16开课) B.   4年级阅读写作班 MS105:周一下午及晚上(1/18开课) C.   5年级阅读写作班 MS107:周日下午及晚上(1/17开课) D.  6年级阅读写作班 MS106:周五下午、晚上,周六下午(1/15, 1/16开课)

  二、中年级课程(7-8年级): E.  MS110:  周日晚上 7:30-9:00PM(1/17开课) F.  MS111:周一下午/晚上、周六上午/下午/晚上(1/16, 1/18开课) G.  MS112:    周五下午/晚上,周六上午  

三、高年级课程(9-12年级): HS204: 周四下午/晚上、周日上午 (1/21,1/24开课) HS207: 周日晚上(1/24开课,Yuhang老师继续教授大家写作秘诀)

  四、Project-Based阅读写作课程 I. MS112: 周五下午晚上、周六早上 (1/15、1/16开课)

五、演讲辩论课程 Nathaniel Braswell 老师在全美竞赛拿过第一名的顶级演讲和辩论高手。有超过8年级辩论竞赛经验以及4年的Coach经验: MS113(1-2) 演讲辩论课(周三/周四)/其他时间段欢迎自由组班

六、数学课程 (1) MS115: Algebra I Class(周三下午) (2) MS116: Algebra II Class(周三晚上)

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