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2023 MS105 Spring Saturday Class

Saturday 7:30PM-9:00PM (2/18/2023- 5/20/2023, No class on 2/25 and 04/22)

Grade 5

 Course Overview: 
This course emphasizes the theme of exploring contemporary issues through fiction; it takes a more advanced approach in that students will connect literary themes to specific contemporary issues. This semester’s main goal is to help students connect literary conflict to...

2022 MS104 Spring Sunday Evening Class

Sunday 7:00PM-8:30PM (Start Date: 2/12, End Date: 5/14) (No class on 2/26 and 4/23)

Grade 4

Course Overview: 
This course emphasizes the theme of morality. Students will tackle difficult questions introduced in the literature, but applicable to real life. They will practice respectfully articulating their opinions and sharing perspectives in a constructive way. This theme takes...

2022 MS103 Fall Thursday Class

Thursday 7:00PM-8:30PM (Start time: 02/16/2022 End time: 5/18/2022)- No Class on 2/23 and 04/20

Grade 3

Course Objectives: 
This course will focus on introducing students to novels from a variety of genres. Specifically, this course will cover a fantasy novel, a comedic adventure novel, an historical fiction novel, a mystery novel, and a narrative novel. This varied reading list will not only...

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